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‘Fall into Winter’ Preparations
We set the clocks back. Did you check the batteries in your Smoke Detectors?  Do you have fuel burning appliances? Do you have Carbon Monoxide Detectors?
Keep the Outside Environment outside:
Take advantage of good weather we get to take care of roof repairs, caulking and painting. Tree pruning before a heavy snow can prevent damage to the trees and things they might fall on.
Are your gutters and downspouts clean, and in good working shape?
As always, water is the biggest issue. If you have any masonry, such as brick veneer, have any cracks repaired. If water gets in and freezes, it expands which can cause more damage. All hoses, nozzles, sprinklers, etc. should be disconnected and drained. All hose bibs should be shut off and drained.
Check windows and exterior doors for how well they seal. Repair or add weather stripping. Repair or replace worn thresholds. Some homes may have screens to remove, and storm panels or storm door inserts to install.
Crawl space vents should be closed (soon, depending on the weather and your crawl space).
Keeping the Inside Environment inside and comfortable:
Is your HVAC system ready? Filter changed? Pilot lit? Tank full?
It’s not your home, but think about vehicles, mowers, generators and especially snowblowers. Anything that burns fuel. Do they need oil changes? Fill the gas tanks with fresh gas, and perhaps stabilizers. Anything with a battery, make sure the battery is charged. If it won’t be used for a while, think about bringing the battery to a warmer place. DON’T place batteries on a concrete surface. Batteries discharge sitting on concrete.

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